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Since it was first established Novamont has worked to build partnerships and collaborate with government bodies, institutions and companies to develop the “Living Chemistry for Quality of Life” project. These partnerships have always been broad in scope, from the search for innovative solutions in different industrial sectors (such as the automotive and packaging industries) to defining standards for analysing product performance, such as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), created together with ANPA, the Italian environmental protection agency, according to recommendations from the European Environmental Agency (EEA).
The objective that has driven Novamont’s work has been to create interdisciplinary teams, involving universities, research bodies, businesses and supervisory bodies, in order to create real tools to support sustainable development. With this in mind, for over ten years Novamont has been developing and promoting know-how on integrated systems for the collection and disposal of solid urban waste, on minimising waste and on cutting-edge solutions for the use of renewable raw materials (RRM) of agricultural origin. Because of its work and commitment, Novamont has been invited to join various international bodies and committees, including the European Climate Change Programme workgroup.
Here are some of the projects in which Novamont played a leading role:
• In collaboration with Federambiente, the federation of Italian environmental hygiene companies, it carried out studies on different urban waste collection systems, paying particular attention to collection of organic waste.
• Novamont was one of the partners involved in the Kassel project, an important test conducted in Germany in collaboration with city council, sales outlets throughout the country and waste collection and disposal companies. The project aimed to verify the feasibility of and public reaction to a wide range of compostable plastic products.
• In collaboration with the Universities of Piedmont and Milan, visits to the Novamont research centre were organised and training projects were carried out in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Scientific Research.
• Novamont is among the group of experts on degradable polymers brought together by UNIDO in order to spread these new technologies and integrated waste collection and disposal systems to developing countries. There is an ongoing project in collaboration with the University of Turin and the Italian Ministry of the Environment for experiments with Mater-Bi® mulching film in China.

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