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Novamont is a company that was created by a group of researchers following the example of Giacomo Fauser. The company’s ambitious project, “Living Chemistry for Quality of Life”, combines chemistry, agriculture and the environment.

From the school of material science…

The Novamont story has its roots in the Montedison school of material science, which was created after the discovery of polypropylene by the Nobel prize-winner Giulio Natta. More generally it was influenced by the school of chemistry created at the beginning of the twentieth century in Novara by Giacomo Fauser, whose research into the chemistry of nitrogen led to the creation of Montecatini, which later became Montedison.

…Chemistry serving man…

Fauser had a clear concept of scientific research. It had to follow a moral imperative for the benefit of mankind, and therefore had to be able to bring together industry and the environment. The Novamont project, which stemmed from this concept, entails finding new ways of using renewable raw materials made from plant matter. These bioplastics, which are used for specific applications, have a low environmental impact and all the properties of traditional materials, but can also be completely biodegradable.

…And the environment…

Today Novamont provides the best solution to the demands of consumers, companies and institutions for innovative products for truly sustainable growth. In developing the new generation of products made from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin, Novamont strategically chose to adopt the latest testing procedures such as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and certifications such as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The objective of the “Living Chemistry for Quality of Life” project is to secure genuine environmental benefits.

Novamont has the following certifications:

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