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A Vision For The Future, A Reality Today

Since 1989 Novamont has created Mater-Bi®, a family of compostable bioplastics. Diverting organic materials from our waste stream is one of the most important actions we can take today to improve the environment. By utilizing compostable bags made from Novamont’s Mater-Bi® resin, communities around the world are realizing the environmental and economic benefits of composting.

This is called source separated organics (SSO), which means removing food scraps from the waste stream at the point at which they are generated. SSO is the next step beyond conventional recycling, an effort to further reduce waste, utilizing these organic materials as resources.


Mater-Bi® is a family of compostable plastics made with renewable plant materials like sunflowers and GMO-free cornstarch. Mater-Bi® bags assist the diversion of food waste from disposal by making it more convenient and hygienic, increasing participation rates and improving purity at the composting facility.

This website will provide you with the tools your community needs to learn about setting up a residential or commercial food waste diversion program, how to increase participation and diversion rates, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data on compostable plastics, case studies on collections systems, and much more.

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