OMC 231 (ex. Legislative Decree 231/2001)


1.1 Presentation of Novamont S.p.A.

Novamont was founded in 1989 as a strategic research centre for the Montedison Group to carry out an ambitious and innovative project called "Living Chemistry for Quality of Life" relating to research, research development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of materials from renewable sources. Research investment, which accounts for more than 6,5% of its annual turnover, and the use of more than one third of staff in the areas of development and innovation, make the Company one of a kind on the Italian market.
Concrete proof of the credibility of the strategy and objectives pursued by Novamont is the fact that it was the subject of one of the first merchant banking operations with a long-term perspective, in support of a research and development project on the part of a number of major institutional investors.