Novamont collaborates with Eataly

The partnership between NOVAMONT and Eataly – the greatest food and wine market, dedicated to the trade and consumption of high quality products of the Italian tradition – starts in 2010, when Eataly in its numerous shops in Italy and abroad replaces the common plastic shopping bags with an integrated system of disposable shopping bags in MATER-BI and adopts biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware both for sale and in the catering areas. 

Since March 2014, Eataly has confirmed its commitment towards the environment by adopting MATER-BI bags and gloves also in the fruit&vegetables department of its store in Milan. The project involves the progressive replacement with MATER-BI products of PE bags and gloves in all the Eataly stores, both in Italy and abroad, located where separate collection of organic waste is in force.
In 2015 Eataly has chosen to adopt in all its restaurants at Milan Expo 2015 MATER-BI disposable tableware, confirming not only his vocation to environmental sustainability, but also its support for NOVAMONT’s strategic project towards the creation of a zero food waste to landfill model: MATER-BI compostable tableware can in fact be disposed of together with organic waste and sent to composting plants.
The use of MATER-BI tableware in Eataly’s restaurants at Milan Expo 2015 has helped to cut down significantly the event's environmental impact by reducing the production of waste and greenhouse gas emissions