MATER-BI compostable capsule case study at the conference

  friday 28th october 2016


MATER-BI compostable capsule case study at the conference "Agri meets Chemicals" organized by Rabobank and Deloitte

Catia Bastioli, NOVAMONT’s CEO, will attend the third edition of Agri meets Chemicals, that will be held in Utrecht (Netherlands) on 1st November.
The event falls under the collaboration between Deloitte and Rabobank, which aims at encouraging collaboration between the agriculture sector and chemical industry. Agri meets Chemicals 2016 with the focus “From the Land to the Brand”, through the presentation of studies, statistics and case studies,  aims to highlight the opportunities that can come from the collaboration between the two sectors, especially in terms of development of innovative products from renewable sources.
Catia Bastioli will illustrate NOVAMONT’s approach for the creation of agro-industrial chains which respects local areas, in partnership with farmers and aimed at obtaining bioproducts with a low environmental impact.

During her speech Catia Bastioli will present also the case study of compostable capsule developed with Lavazza and made of MATER-BI, as an example of product designed to respond to specific environmental problems. The compostable capsule is much more than a technical solution which improves the environmental sustainability of a product: it shows also the potential of NOVAMONT’s bioeconomy model as territorial regeneration, based on strategic partnerships with the big brands starting from a common project and sustainable vision.