Compostable bags for fruit and vegetables introduced in Bavaria

  monday 15th march 2021


Compostable bags for fruit and vegetables introduced in Bavaria

On March 15th, in Straubing (Germany), the project “Praxistest Bio-Beutel", aimed at the introduction of compostable bags for fruit and vegetables in some stores of the German supermarket chains EDEKA and REWE, has been presented.

The project has been set up in response to a growing demand from customers and consumers involved for more sustainable packagings that look and perform like traditional ones.

The initiative, of which Novamont is partner, is established jointly by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, the representatives of EDEKA, REWE, the Joint Waste Management Authority of the city and district of Straubing (ZAW-SR), the Bavarian Association for Quality Assurance of Compost (RGK e.V.), CARMEN e.V. (Bavarian coordinating association for renewable raw materials and energy) and the Sachverständigenrat Bioökonomie Bayern (Bavarian experts Commitee on bioeconomy).

An important study will be carried out by the Witzenhausen-Institut, which will analyse the organic waste and compost produced before and after the distribution phase of the compostable bags at the different stores involved , in order to measure the impact of the bags on compost purity.

At the launch event Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Josef Zellmeier, member of the state parliament representing the Straubing region, Josef Laumer, the district president, Albert Solleder, the deputy mayor of Straubing, as well as Hans Jürgen Honner and Heide Drotleff, owners of the supermarkets participating in the project, were invited.

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