Novamont and Nielsen at the

  wednesday 6th october 2021


Novamont and Nielsen at the "Congrès des strategies commerciales" to present the results of the latest survey "Fruit and vegetable bags in France and sustainable perspectives"

On October 5, the Commercial Strategies Congress, was held in Paris, organised by LSA, a reference subject in France that organizes conferences, events, training courses and networking moments that help players in the consumer goods industry to discover and learn more about news and trends to improve their business strategies.

The event was an important opportunity for companies, professionals and decision-makers from the retail sector to analyse and discuss socio-economic scenarios, market trends and dynamics that can have a strong impact on consumer goods companies.

During the congress, Christophe Doukhi-de Boissoudy, General Manager of Novamont France, and Isabelle Kaiffer from Nielsen France participated to present the results of the research "Fruit and vegetable bags in France and sustainable perspectives", carried out by Nielsen for Novamont.

Christophe Doukhi-de Boissoudy illustrated Novamont's circular bioeconomy model, highlighting in particular how the products made by the Group are designed to solve specific environmental problems related to water and soil quality. He then recalled the sectors in which biodegradability and compostability represent a real added value, such as agriculture, cosmetics,  foodservice and food packaging, and mentioned some important collaborations and successful case studies.

Isabelle Kaifer has then presented the main results of Nielsen study. The research clearly shows the propensity of French consumers to fight pollution through their purchases. Those interviewed, and especially women, believe that it is necessary to reduce the amount of waste produced and to dispose of it properly, in order to tackle the problem. In addition, 9 out of 10 respondents think that the use of alternative materials to plastic should be encouraged among companies.

Moreover, 3 out of 4 respondents claim that separate organic waste collection is fundamental for the protection of the environment. The majority of people interviewed are convinced that it should be mandatory, with as many as 70% in favour of a law to introduce such a system.

The study also highlights that 1 French out of 3 uses compostable bags for the separate collection of food waste.

Finally, the survey points out that French consumers appreciate the advantages and specificities of bio-based compostable bags, in particular they claim better performance on all technical and ecological aspects than  other alternatives, except for the ease of opening.

Download the presentation to learn more about the main data (French version).
Sacs fruits et légumes et perspectives durables