The Novamont Model

The Novamont Model
Sustainable development is a necessity for everyone.
For us it is already a reality

In NOVAMONT we promote the development of a bioeconomy model based on the efficient use of renewable resources and on the regeneration of local areas.

For us, the regeneration of local areas means starting out from local areas and developing new proprietary technologies to rejuvenate industrial sites that are decommissioned or are no longer competitive, thus generating new industries, new products and new jobs.

The following are the cornerstones that distinguish our bioeconomy model:

Reconversion of industrial sites that are decommissioned or are no longer competitive to create innovative biorefineries integrated in the local areas, transforming local problems into development opportunities. 

Promotion of a circular economy rethinking the traditional model of production-consumption-disposal of products with a system-based approach, that is, starting with renewable raw materials to produce manufactured goods which at the end of their lives will be converted into a new resource.  

Creation of bridges and interconnections between sectors,  to incentivise cooperation and synergies between various stakeholders towards common objectives, starting with the profitable utilisation of the specific nature of the local areas.