NOVAMONT is a young company with a firm interest in innovation and research and a strong international focus. Our company can provide a unique experience at both a professional and human level.

We are looking for people who share the values of our organization: people who are open-minded, flexible, highly motivated to grow professionally and use their own skills to benefit the whole organization and who are constantly focused on personal development. People who are genuinely interested in protecting the environment and who have strong ethical principles.

In order to improve further and continue to offer the best opportunities, NOVAMONT is seeking the best candidates at all levels: an academic record attained at the best schools and universities, particularly in the sciences, with the highest marks, professional experience in leading companies and a working knowledge of English, preferably supported by studies or employment abroad, and should be able to converse fluently.

We also work together with leading public research bodies and Italian universities to offer highly qualified training courses for young researchers.