Novamont in Italy

Our network of production and research facilities in Italy 

We are a company that has its roots in local areas. Using leading-edge technologies deriving from our research, we have converted sites that are no longer competitive, transforming them into innovative research centres and industrial plants. Our products are the result of the combination of these advanced proprietary technologies and our bioeconomy model, based on integrated biorefineries and territorial regeneration.




Novara hosts our headquarters and research laboratories, covering a wide selection of skills and specializations, with equipment and facilities ranging from laboratory scale to innovative pilot plants.


Terni hosts our Mater-Bi production plant and process engineering and quality control laboratories. It has expertise in the fields of compounding technologies, oil treatment and polymer synthesis at a pilot plant level.

Piana di Monte Verna

The research center of Piana di Monte Verna is specialized in the development of industrial biotechnologies. Acquired in 2012 by Novamont, it is the result of the reconversion of a decommissioned research center of excellence.


Mater-Biotech is a company 100% owned by Novamont based in Adria. Born in 2012, Mater-Biotech represents the world’s first dedicated plant able to produce butanediol (BDO) directly from sugars, through fermentation processes.
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Mater-Biopolymer, which is 100% controlled by Novamont since 2017, is a company based in Lazio, Patrica (FR). Mater-Biopolymer produces Origo-Bi biopolyesters through a line completely modified over the years using a proprietary Novamont technology. The company is also involved in the development of new biopolymers.


Matrìca is the company set up in 2011 from a joint venture between Novamont and Versalis to reconvert a preexisting petrochemical site in Sardinia into a biorefinery integrated in the local area for the production biochemicals, building blocks for bioplastics, bases for lubricants, bioadditives for rubbers and plasticizers for polymers.