Research&Innovation at the service of a successful industrial business

Innovation is our own engine: we reinvest our profits in Research and Development activities and in the construction of new plants and demonstrators of innovative technologies, choosing decommissioned or no longer competitive industrial sites. We also constantly work in order to improve the performance and environmental profile of our products.

Research and Development

Starting out from the Science of Materials and thanks to increasing investments in Research and Innovation activities, over the years we have developed a number of proprietary and  integrated technologies for the production of bioplastics and biochemicals, creating synergies between the different areas of study (Bioplastics, Biotechnology, Agronomics and Organic Chemistry) to constantly provide new solutions for specific environmental problems.

Our research centres are located in Novara, Terni and Piana di Monte Verna (near Caserta) and cover a wide range of expertise and specialisations, with equipment and facilities ranging from laboratory scale to innovative pilot plants.
We take part in Research, Development and Innovation projects in collaboration with leading Italian and international realities in the fields of circular economy and bioeconomy, with the aim to create strategic and lasting partnerships among research, industrial and agricultural sectors.

We are among the members of the Bio-based Industries Consortium - BIC, the private partner within the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking - BBI JU and the key acceleration tool for the circular bioeconomy in Europe.

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Open Innovation

Over the years we have developed a highly interdisciplinary systemic approach in the field of bioeconomy, building bridges and interconnections with other sectors to accelerate the innovation process and the generation of new technologies. TracexNovamont is the open innovation initiative promoted by Cariplo Factory and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, born around our company to support the growth of projects in the circular bioeconomy sector, creating industrial synergies between Novamont and startups, industry and research projects.