Application technologies

MATER-BI can be processed with the most common conversion technologies used for traditional plastics


MATER-BI can be made into film using traditional filming machines, with lower extrusion temperatures compared to standards. In relation to the specific applications, different MATER-BI grades are available, which give origin to biodegradable and compostable films

Extruded profiles

With MATER-BI it is possible to produce, on traditional extrusion lines, numerous applications such as, trays and other rigid or semirigid containers and woven nets for the packaging of food products



Through thermoforming MATER-BI can be used for the production of trays, pots for the flower industry and other rigid containers

Extrusion Coating e Lamination

MATER-BI is suitable for multipurpose Extrusion Coating and Extrusion Lamination of several substrates (i.e. paper, board, plastics, aluminium, tissues and non wovens)

Injection systems

Different objects in MATER-BI can be realized with this technology, such as cutlery, pens, gadgets, clips for agriculture, bones and other objects for the entertainment of pets


With MATER-BI is possible to obtain foamed products for packaging (Loose Fillers), containing starch and fully biodegradable and water-soluble