Our bioplastics are certified and guaranteed during their use and in the end-of-life phase and help to raise the reference standards in the sector

MATER-BI: biodegradability and compostability certifications

All grades of MATER-BI are certified by certification bodies in accordance with the main European and international standards. Such certification guarantees the biodegradation of MATER-BI  in various disposal environments: industrial composting, domestic composting and biodegradation in soil.

In the bioplastics sector, the European standard EN 13432 is the most important technical references for manufacturers of materials, public authorities, composters, certifying bodies and consumers. The European standard EN 13432 defines the four characteristics that a material must possess in order to be considered compostable, namely that it can be recycled through organic recovery (composting and anaerobic digestion): 
  • Biodegradability, meaning a material’s capacity to be converted into carbon dioxide (CO2) through the action of microorganisms, under the same process occurring in natural waste.
  • Disintegrability, namely fragmentation and invisibility in the final compost (absence of visual contamination).
  • Absence of negative effects on the composting process.
  • Almost complete absence of heavy metals and the absence of negative effects on compost quality.

MATER-BI: eLabel! certification

MATER-BI was the first material to obtain the eLabel! certification, the multi-label promoted by the Kyoto Club, an Italian non-profit organization, to certify the excellence and environmental innovation of products and services, providing information that is transparent from both a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint and enabling the consumer to make an independent and immediate assessment.
eLabel! certification attests to MATER-BI’s environmental performance and its level of innovation based on unambiguous and objective information: its content of renewable raw materials, their sustainability, emission of greenhouse gases, end of life and its biodegradability in nature in the event of uncontrolled release.

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MATER-BI is the first Italian technology to have been verified by Certiquality with the European “Environmental Technology Verification" (ETV) programme.
The aim of this programme is to consolidate innovative technologies in the environmental field when standards and certifications are not yet available, thus becoming an extremely useful tool in the first phase of innovative development. 

NOVAMONT has achieved ETV certification for MATER-BI’s behaviour in biodegradation in the marine environment. For more information please see the dedicated section on the Joint Research Centre website: Aerobic Biodegradation of Mater-Bi AF03A0 and Mater-Bi AF05S0 (Mater-Bi of Third generation) under marine condition

Updating 13 June 2017