Sectors of application

Products made of MATER-BI are used in many different sectors, providing unique and innovative solutions to specific environmental problems


MATER-BI applications for agriculture are able to biodegrade in soil, contribute to the better development of horticultural crops and. simplify the management and reduce the amount of plastic waste at end of life 


MATER-BI products for packaging can be disposed of in separate collection of organic waste and sent for recycling in composting plants to become fertile compost 

Large scale retail distribution

Biodegradable and compostable carrier bags, which can be re-used for the separate collection of organic waste, and bags and gloves for the fruits&vegetables departments are some examples of MATER-BI products already successfully introduced in the large scale distribution

Separate waste collection

Thanks to its characteristics and features - biodegradability, compostability, transparency, resistance to humidity and pathogens - bags in MATER-BI have proved to be a key tool to encourage the separate collections of organic waste


The use of MATER-BI compostable tableware for foodservice can simplify the management of waste in cases where the use of washable and reusable tableware is not possible or practical

Other applications

MATER-BI can be used to make various objects with low environmental impact, such as biofiller for the automotive sector, products for hygiene and personal care sector, chewing products for pets